Why Silk

Why Silk

Silk is the lightest and softest natural fiber in the world. Used by nobles and royal families around the world since ancient times, it’s often referred to as the “Queen of fiber”. However, it wasn’t until 1500A.D. that the Chinese Ming Dynasty discovered the natural healing powers of silk. If ground into a fine powder, natural silk helps to reduce dark spots on the skin, nourish damaged areas and prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

These healing properties have since been verified by modern medicine, and additionally found that the concentration of amino acids in silk are 10 times greater than those in pearls. There are countless other healing properties to silk. It acts as a natural sunscreen, yellowing under direct sunlight as a result of silk fibers absorbing ultra-violet light, which digest the dangerous energy internally without releasing any harmful particles. The silk’s core, also called fibroin, serves as an antibacterial, hindering bacteria reproduction. It is especially effective in the prevention of acne.
Our team of scientists have spent the last 10 years researching these age old secrets, working to enhance its healing properties without compromising any of the gentle elements that define its molecular foundations. The combinations of silk fibroin with beauty essences accelerates collagen protein formation and assist in skin cell regeneration. Skin can then be renewed from a damaged state to its natural beauty and youthful glow.
By modernizing the time tested beautifying properties of nature’s most elegant material, we have created an unparalleled natural and gentle product line that is powerful in its abilities to harmlessly cleanse and rejuvenate.
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