Our water-based, uniquely-formulated lotion can be absorbed by skin in 10 seconds, rejuvenating and nourishing skin cells from inside out. The silk fibroin solution contains various amino acids that can help prevent pigmentation, help skin cell growth, and assist healing of acne scars.

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Our next generation of water-based beauty tonic combines silk fibroin and silver edge bamboo, delivering nourishment rapidly through the skin layers. The natural essences will thoroughly enlighten the skin. The silk fibroin contained in the lotion can hold an amount of water up to 50 times of its weight. The amazing hydrating power can quickly quench thirst of skin cell and repair skin elasticity, rejuvenating it back to nature glow and youthful radiance.

Our Lotion does not include any alcohol or perfumes, even sensitive skin can use comfortably. The product is made of highly concentrated formula and will last for 3 months under normal application.
How To
Application directions: After cleansing, lightly shake product before pumping a small amount onto your palm. Apply evenly to skin, gently patting your face to help absorb. For the best results, use our facial foam cleanser.

Storage: Because the product does not use any spice or perfume, the natural scent of the ingredient maybe predominant. Store product under room temperature. Avoid direct sun light. Preservation period is 2 years unopened and 3 to 6 months if opened.

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i love the fast absorbtion
It’s a tonic, not really cream one I was expected. Bit mis-leading naming. The product is almost like water, no strange chemical odor or intentionally infused perfumes. What surprises me is how quickly it gets absorbed. Within a minute the tonic just sips into my skin and gone. My face then feels prepped and ready for further nourishment.
Review by Nancy / (Posted on 2/18/2016)
light, gentle, and gets the skin tuned
Very light and easy absorb, I don’t feel skin been pulled or something after use. But the hydration power is there, even under California’s sun my skin maintain its tendering feeling
Review by Justin / (Posted on 2/17/2016)

Why Silk

Often worn by royalty and nobles throughout Japanese and other Asian cultures, silk is commonly known for its luxurious material and beautiful colors. However, historically silk was frequently used as a form of currency, where values were calculated based on lengths of silk as they had been calculated in pounds of gold. Silk was also used for medicinal purposes. In fact, natural silk was applied to fight bacteria, infectious skin diseases, and reduce dark spots. Our scientists have utilized the natural properties of silk to create a skin-care solution that is founded on thousands of years of history. 

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