Our Story

Our Story

Decades ago, biologist Uetani Shouich discovered a puzzling phenomena: the workers in the silk mill where he acquires silk for study all had amazing skin. Even the elder workers had skin that appeared way younger than their actual ages. Granted, silk has various nourishment that are great to human body and is used widely in China, Japan, and Southeast Asian cultures as a medical ingredient to treat skin issues. What Uetani found in the silk mill was far beyond simple skin treatment. It was more magical.

Intrigued by the finding, Uetani pulled a group of his colleagues from the Japanese Minister of Health and Labor. Together they formed a research team focused on uncovering the secrets of silk.

After intensive study, they found that during the preparation of cocoon and raw silk, large amount of natural silk particles would sip into the workers’ skins. These particles then acted as healing agents to help creating the miraculous skin condition the workers all had.

Uncover the secrets of Silk to create refined radiance

However, the team could not observe the same level of skincare performance from products in the market that claimed to have used silk ingredient. With some studies they discovered that many products in the market, though claimed using silk, were either using low grade silk or the nutrition value of the silk used was compromised during extraction from the fiber. Hence, these products would require additives to compensate the decrease in performance. These additives in turn may induce negative effects on skin in long term, thus minimize the skincare capacity of silk in the product when applied. 
Aimed to create a truly effective silk fibroin skincare line, the team continued their research and finally developed an extraction technology that can maintain the nutrition value and molecular structure of silk fibroin while separating the fibroin from the silk fiber. Based on this proprietary technology, after years of joint development with the Japan Minister of Health and Labor, the team finally developed Silkriller, a unique skincare line that does not contain any surfactant, alcohol, or perfume. The special craftsmanship applied during production is able to reduce the particle size to as small as 1 micron, a hundredth the width of a single string of hair. The team combined such top grade silk fibroin with other beauty essences and created a skincare line that is harmless to human body while pertaining amazing hydration, anti-aging, wrinkle removing, and brightening power. Mr. Uetani Shouichi, now 75 years old, looks like only around early 50s thanks to his own research. He is still working on uncovering more secrets of silk, developing more Silkriller products everyday.

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