3D Gold Pure Rich Gel

3D Gold Pure Rich Gel
Higher in concentration, nourishment, and effectiveness, the 3D Gold Gel is the ultimate solution. Using our unique formula to help your skin fight against aging, wrinkles, discoloration, and other damages; the gel is unparalleled in its ability to firm, brighten, rejuvenate and improve the overall appearance of the skin.

The silk fibroin can also help repair hidden damages within skin layers, stimulate cell growth, and help remove fine lines and wrinkles continuously and harmlessly. Visible results can be observed the next day after use.

Product Volume: 30 ml.

FDA OTC NDC: 69893-001-01

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Further developed based on the 3D Silver gel, the 3D Gold gel contains the most concentrated anti-aging formula in our skincare line, 5 times higher than that of 3D Silver. The unique and exclusive gel formula quickens the anti-aging results by infusing the nourishment skin cells needs at a much higher volume and quality. The gel will firm skin and remove fine lines and wrinkles with visible results even just after 1 day of use.

Our 3D Gel does not include any alcohol or perfumes, even sensitive skin can use comfortably. The product is made of highly concentrated formula, and will last for 3 months under normal application.

How To
Application directions: Pump the nozzle 2 times into your palm. Massage the gel into facial skin using an upward motion, gently patting your face to help absorb. Massage the gel around your eyes, laughing lines, neck, and other areas that require care for better anti-aging effect. For best results, use our lotion before gel application.

Storage: Store product under room temperature. Avoid direct sun light. Preservation period is 2 years unopened and 3 to 6 months if opened.

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very gorgeous and nourishing serum
This really works. At my age wrinkle is a big issue, especially the small ones around eye corner and laughing line. This gel, or serum, does a wonderful work on those wrinkles. It “erases” them away without any strong stimulation. I did not feel a thing but few days into using it I can notice clearly visible result on those wrinkles.
Review by Nancy / (Posted on 2/17/2016)

Why Silk

Often worn by royalty and nobles throughout Japanese and other Asian cultures, silk is commonly known for its luxurious material and beautiful colors. However, historically silk was frequently used as a form of currency, where values were calculated based on lengths of silk as they had been calculated in pounds of gold. Silk was also used for medicinal purposes. In fact, natural silk was applied to fight bacteria, infectious skin diseases, and reduce dark spots. Our scientists have utilized the natural properties of silk to create a skin-care solution that is founded on thousands of years of history. 

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