1. How are Silkriller products different from other skin care products in the market?

A: Every drop of our Silkriller products uses high-quality silk fibroin extracted from 100% naturally produced Japanese silk. Silk fibroin is the nutrient rich protein enclosed within the silk fiber and contains 18 different types of amino acids that are essential for healthy skin. Silkriller products do not contain ANY type of surfactant, unlike other skin product in the market.


  1. Why is silk beneficial for the skin?

A: Historically, silk was frequently used for medicinal purposes. In fact, natural silk was applied to fight bacteria, infectious skin diseases and reduce dark spots. Our scientists have utilized the natural properties of silk to create a skin-care solution that is founded on thousands of years of history.


  1. What kind of skin types is best suited to use Silkriller products?

A: Silkriller products are safe to use for all skin types. By manufacturing our products at the highest possible standards, as well as carefully selecting the ingredients, our products are hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types.

  1. Do Silkriller products help with adult acne and sensitive skin?

A: Yes, Silk fibroin contains enzymes that are known to fight bacteria and facilitate cell regeneration, thereby helping reduce inflammation by preventing bacteria reproduction.


  1. Will Silkriller product help with pigmentation discoloration such as color spots, dark spots, and sun spots?

A: Yes. Our patented silk fibroin molecule rapidly absorbs deep into the skin’s layers without leaving any residuals. Our products continue to nourish long after use and will assist in skin cell regeneration, accelerate collagen protein formation and revitalize cells. Skin will be regenerated from its damaged state and restored to its natural beauty and shine. Our products offer a harmless solution to discolored pigments without the use of dangerous alternatives such as laser treatment.


  1. Will Silkriller products help with pore conditions, such as reducing pore size, removing black heads?

A: Yes, the silk fibroin used in Silkriller products, such as our cleansing milk and facial foam, deeply cleanse the skin removing bacteria and containments from deep within the skin’s layers. In addition, the 18 different essential amino acids within Silkriller’s products help skin cell regeneration, enhancing skin strength. This re-balancing process helps to reduce pores, destroy acne, and remove black heads.


  1. Will Silkriller products help fight the aging process?

A: Yes, nourishment from our patented Silk fibroin helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Without pulling or peeling the skin, our 3D Gels activate the skin through skin cell regeneration, bringing the skin back to its naturally balanced state.


  1. Do Silkriller products have any fragrances, perfumes or scented additives?

A: No, Silkriller products do not contain any scented additives.


  1. What is the difference between Silkriller’s 3D Silver Pure Rich Gel and Silkriller’s 3D Gold Pure Rich Gel?   

A: Both our 3D Gold and Silver gels are composed of 5 beauty essences that help reduce wrinkles, rejuvenate skin, sooth inflammation, and keep the skin cells hydrated and energized. While both are effective anti-aging solutions, our Gold gel has a much higher concentration of silk fibroin, resulting in next day results.


  1. Will there be any complications if I apply Silkriller products while under medication or medical treatment?

A: If you have concerns about using our product while taking medication, please consult your doctor with any questions.


  1. Will there be any abnormal skin reaction when using Silkriller products?

A: Silkriller products will not cause any abnormal skin reactions when applied. However, in rare cases, one may experience minor redness during application due to the absorption of new nutrients in to the skin. Irritation should disappear within 2-3 days, however discontinue use if redness persists.


  1. How long will I see results after applying Silkriller products?

A: Noticeable change will be evident after 7 days with significant change apparent after 29 days.


  1. What is the preservation period of Silkriller products?

A: If the product is unopened, it can be stored up to 2 years. If the product is opened, finish the product within 3-6 months. Please remember to store product in room temperature and avoid direct sunlight and excessive heat.


  1. Does the manufacturing of Silkriller products involve any methods that would harm nature or abuse animals?

A: No, all Silkriller products are manufactured in compliance with local environmental protection laws and regulations. The manufacture process does not involve any methods that would harm nature or abuse animals.


  1. Are Silkriller products alcohol free?

A: Yes, none of Silkriller products contains any alcohol.


  1. My friend and I are using the same products, but have different results. Why?

A: Skin is very unique to each person. Due to the differences between skin conditions, results may vary with regard to time and performance. However, over time Silkriller products will fully restore the natural balance of oil and water in skin and rebuild the skin as smooth as silk. 


  1. Can Silkriller product be combined with other skin care products?

A: Yes, you are free to have your own combination of skin care products. However, we do strongly recommend using our Silkriller Series as a whole so you are able to get the maximum benefits.

  1. For Silkriller Lotion, Do I pour the liquid solution onto a cotton pad before spreading it on my face?

A: No, Silkriller Lotion is different from other tonics/toners and liquid lotions. Putting our lotion on a cotton pad and spreading on your face can scratch the surface of your skin. Silkriller Lotion has an excellent moisturizing ability and helps to rejuvenate weakened and dried skin. Therefore, with these concentrated ingredients, we recommend pouring a few drops onto clean palms and carefully pat the lotion around the face until fully absorbed. If spreading becomes difficult, add an additional 1-2 drops of the Silkriller lotion. 

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