27 Day Challenge

27 Day Challenge

Our skin is precious and exists in a constant state of growth; with new skin cells replacing old cells every 4 weeks. During this important cycle, our unique line of silk-based products helps soften, smooth, and assist in skin cell regeneration. Our products are unmatched, which is why we encourage you to try and use our full set of product line and experience the miraculous power of silk.

To those who will to take this 27-day challenge. After purchase any of our Revitalization Set or Ultimate Radiance Set, you are automatically entered and we will reward your courage and commitment with an exclusive nourishment powder that is made purely with silk. The silk powder is of limited supply so get it before it runs out!

This silk power is made of natural Japanese silk .

It contains nothing but the very refined powder of silk itself. Using proprietary technology, the particles are made to as tiny as 1 micron, 1/100 of a hair size. The purity of composition and nurturing nature of the silk making this powder the perfect snack for your skin day and night.
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